I am currently an AI researcher at Samsung Research, working on multimodal retrival and composed image search. I have completed my Ph.D. with the STARS lab at the University of Toronto, directed by Prof. Jonathan Kelly. During this time I was jointly affiliated with LAMOR at the University of Zagreb, directed by Prof. Ivan Petrović. During my graduate studies, my research endeavors focused on the application of methods derived from computational differential and algebraic geometry in the realms of inverse kinematics, motion planning and control for robotic manipulators. Further, I am interested in how geometric representations can be used to inject domain-specific knowledge into learning methods for robotics. If you're interested in my work, check out the publications page for a list of papers and related resources. For code samples and libraries, please visit my github profile.

News and Updates

[February, 2023] Started position as AI research scientist at Samsung AI Montreal.

[September, 2022] Finished a 4 month long research scientist internship at Meta Reality Labs, San Francisco. My research involved learning kinematics for body tracking in VR.

[October, 2021] Our paper, “Riemannian Optimization for Distance Geometric Inverse Kinematics”, has been accepted for publication with the IEEE Transactions on Robotics journal. The pre-print is available here!

[June, 2021] I’m honored to have been an invited speaker at this year’s Robotics: Science and Systems (RSS) conference workshop “Geometry and Topology in Robotics: Learning, Optimization, Planning, and Control”. Check out the video here!

[October, 2020] Our paper “Inverse Kinematics as Low-Rank Euclidean Distance Matrix Completion” won the best paper award at IROS’20 Workshop on Bringing Geometric Methods to Robot Learning!

[October, 2020] Finally submitted our paper “Riemannian Optimization for Distance Geometric Inverse Kinematics” for publication in IEEE Transactions on Robotics.

[August, 2020] Submitted my paper “Geometry-Aware Singularity Avoidance for Articulated Robots Using a Riemannian Metric” for publication in Robotics and Autonomous Systems.